Pet Healthy



I have a five month old chocolate lab that can be a picky eater when it comes to her dry kibble. I must have bought three or four different kinds of holistic kibble and I would have to mix wet food with it for her to eat it. Not to mention I had to spoon feed her. When I got my "life's abundance" bag of kibble for large breed puppies I took a hand full out and she ate it dry out of my hand! I was really happy with this plus the bag has a fresh seal zipper on it so I don't need my large container to ensure it stays fresh!!! I love the fast shipping as well. Thank you so much Jessica for introducing me to this awesome line of dog food! P.S. the gourmet dental treats were also a big hit!  Ricky I.


We have had Gracie on Life's Abundance dog food for two months now.  I never realized just how much she loves this food until we picked Gracie up from her pet resort they had run out of her Life's Abundance food.  Since my shipment wasn't due to be delivered for two days, we bought her some all natural dog food till our shipment arrived.  She has such a healthy appetite I figured she would not care much.  Boy how I was proven wrong.  She would not touch the replacement dog food.  She ate very little of it and one day she would not eat any of it at all.  When I came home with the Life's Abundance two days later, I placed the food in her bowl and she very hesitantly went to it as if to say, not this food again but when she smelled the Life's Abundance she devoured it in about 2.5 seconds.  Gracie obviously knows quality dog food when she sees/tastes it.  She definitely loves her Life's Abundance dog food and we are SO happy that we have been proven right that this is the best food out there for her!!!  Not only super nutritious and healthy but yummy as well.  Thanks Jessica Nichols for bringing Life's Abundance into our lives!!  Gracie, Danny and Beth

We just started our Gracie on the Life's Abundance dry food along with the wholesome dog treats a few days ago. She loves all of it. We previously had a beloved Westie, Casper who had major digestive problems all his life. not only did we spend thousands on his care but the physical toll it took on Casper was horrible. I know it was because of all the crap in dog food and treats today that caused those problems with him. I wish I had this product then to feed him. We are starting Gracie off right with only wholesome products. Life's Abundance is perfect for her. You wouldn't feed your children or yourself products that are harmful or not healthy so why would you do that with your pets I ask. I am so glad Jessica found this product line for us. Thanks Jessica:-)  Beth L.

I have been feeding Cooper and my cat Cinamon "Life's Abundance" for about a week now and they both love it. I am shocked that Cinamon is eating dry food because he usually only eats can food, and it is costing me about $20 a week. I always feed Holistic to my pets and it is worth the extra money. My cat is 19 yrs old and has only been to a vet a few times and never has had rabies or any other shots. Thanks Jess................. Mary N.

This dog food is awesome!  Kelly, our golden retriever suffers from Lupus and had lost so much weight.  We started her on Life's Abundance a month ago and she looks fantastic!  She also suffers from allergies and has absolutely NONE from this food!  If anyone is on the fence about trying it...JUST DO IT!  Kristin B.

My doggies love the dog food and the treats!! They smell so good I almost considered eating them myself.  Ellen M.